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What Are The Best UK Double Glazing Companies in 2024?

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 22, 2024
9 minutes read
  • How do the best double glazing companies compare?
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When it comes to installing double glazed windows in your home, you want to choose one of the best double glazing companies. The UK features a whole host of professional businesses who pride themselves on completing double glazing work effectively. They are also accredited, giving you peace of mind that your installation will last for years.

This article will look at the best double glazing companies. It will give an overview of how they work and the standards they’ve been awarded. The article will also look at customer reviews and some of the lesser known companies still deserving consideration.

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Why Double Glazing is a Useful Investment

Featuring a gas-filled space between two panes of glass in a sealed unit, double glazing acts as an insulating barrier for the windows of your home. This stops cold air from entering and prevents as much heated air from escaping, which allows your home to stay warmer for longer, saving you money on heating bills. Even the best double glazing companies must adhere to Building Regulations installing windows, giving you these benefits.

Double glazed windows are beneficial for so many reasons. Single paned windows, or older double glazing, are much less effective at keeping properties warm. The standards that glaziers need to meet nowadays are incredibly high as well, which ensures your home is secure, warm and has effective noise reduction. Double glazing companies best each other for customer satisfaction too, so a good deal shouldn’t be hard to find.

How to Choose the Best Double Glazing Company

Awning Window Vector

When it comes to making your mind up about a professional business offering a service, you’ll want to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Quality of product

  • Customer service

  • Length and cover of warranty

  • Competitive pricing

  • Customer satisfaction

There’s no use choosing any company, as you may end up disappointed in the product you receive, and might have an impossible task of navigating poor customer service. Instead, choosing one of the best double glazing companies can give you a much better position from the onset.

The Best Double Glazing Companies in the UK

Originally, this list consisted of three companies, but Safestyle unfortunately went under in 2023. Our updated list of best double glazing companies now only features Everest and Anglian. These businesses excel in the qualities outlined above, which is why you know you can trust them.

As a rough indicator of customer satisfaction, you can compare their Trustpilot scores in the interactive graph below.

Between them, the average score is above 4. Just because Anglian is at 3.9 and Everest is 4.4, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other. You will still find professionalism and quality in either business. The best double glazing companies can be measured in more than customer reviews.


With the slogan “fit the best”, it’s no wonder that Everest is considered one of the best double glazing companies in the UK, as it’s a motto they have worked towards. Currently manufacturing in the Upper Rhonda Valley in Wales, the company originally started back in 1965 as a home insulation firm.

Installer Holding Glazing Isometric

Perhaps considered the biggest as well as one of the best double glazing companies, Everest has a huge product range, encapsulating aluminium, uPVC and timber options. The only thing you won’t find is average prices because every job is bespoke.

Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons people are drawn to Everest is their focus on their extensive guarantees. From 10 or 20 years to a lifetime, you can trust the quality of the best double glazing companies based on the weight they put on their products.

Everest supposedly offers a price match system, but this is not confirmed on their website. It may be worth asking at the point of enquiry.

Customer Reviews

The 4.4 rating on Trustpilot comes under ‘excellent’, which is the highest you can achieve. This is across over 12,000 reviews. When looking at common elements that Everest customers talk about, they come under large costs, long response times, but excellent products and good service.

“Schedule was on time. All personnel were polite and efficient. Removal of old windows efficiently completed and new windows installed with minimum of fuss. Everything left clean and tidy.”

Mr Whitehead – Everest Customer


The best double glazing companies guarantee their products to their customers through various warranties. As such, Everest offers the following guarantees:

  • 10 years

  • 20 years

  • Lifetime

These come with some exceptions, but generally include materials and parts, glazing and the ability to transfer the guarantee to a new owner. They’re offered as product warranties, but you are expected to care for and maintain your new windows for them to be valid.


To be able to trust the products of the best double glazing companies, you need reassurance that they are accredited. This is one reason why consumers are told to choose the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) on certain products. Fortunately, Everest products come with the following certification:

  • The British Standards Institute (Kitemarks)


  • Made in Britain

  • Quiet Mark

  • Secured by Design

  • BFRC

  • BBA


Having been trading for almost 60 years, Anglian is another one of the best double glazing companies operating in the UK. With many offices located the length and breadth of Britain, it’s no wonder that Anglian has become a trusted supplier and installer of double glazed windows and doors.

The product range of Anglian is not dissimilar to Everest, as they also offer uPVC, aluminium and timber options. The cost of triple glazing is more expensive, but it is a product they offer that might work for you. Just like any other bespoke company, you won’t find average prices on their website, as all homes are unique.

In terms of guarantees, as one of the best double glazing companies around, Anglian offers from 5 to 15 year warranties on their products, including separate ones for specific locking mechanisms. This will give you peace of mind should the product fail soon after installation.

While the possibility of a price match system is available, this is not confirmed on their website. However, this may only be for uPVC windows and doors, so it’s worth checking with your installer or double glazing window company beforehand.

Customer Reviews

With a 3.9 rating on Trustpilot across more than 30,000 reviews, Anglian’s rating is ‘great’, but it’s on the cusp of ‘excellent’, which a 4 star rating would give. Common threads in customer reviews are about friendly and helpful installers, high prices and difficulty of communication about issues.

“Darren and Baileigh - carried out the job to an excellent standard. Very helpful and explained everything well. Our house looks a better [sic]. Professional and courteous all round.”

Justine Coleman – Anglian Customer


As with all the best double glazing companies, Anglian offers several warranties for their products, including windows and doors. They offer guarantees on their products for the following lengths of time:

  • 5 years

  • 10 years

  • 15 years

Some of the locks are guaranteed for 5–10 years, while windows have a guarantee of at least 10 years (5 years longer for gas-filled units). Although these aren’t as long as the lifetime warranties included with Everest windows, you can still call Anglian one of the best double glazing companies.


Window Installers in Red Vector

Having complete faith in their British made products, Anglian is part of several schemes to protect you as the customer. The best double glazing companies protect you as well as their products.

Anglian has the following certifications:

  • The British Standards Institute (Kitemarks)


  • Made in Britain

  • Recovinyl Plus

  • Secured by Design

  • Cyber Essentials

  • FSC

  • Glass and Glazing Federation

  • TrustMark

  • BFRC

  • TGAS

  • The Conservatory Association

  • BBA

Additional Double Glazing Companies

Although the following businesses aren’t as large as the best double glazing companies listed above, they are no less capable of installing high quality products.

CR Smith

A household name in Scotland for over 100 years, CR Smith only recently expanded into double glazing within the last 45 years. According to their website, the company came out as one of the best double glazing companies in the UK in a Which? poll in 2020, with a 98% approval rating.

In terms of Trustpilot ratings, CR Smith scores 4.8 across almost 4,000 reviews, so on this basis alone should be called one of the best double glazing companies in Scotland, if not the best. With a reputation for good customer service, they deserve to be listed on this page.

First Home Improvements

Another highly rated glazing firm on Trustpilot is First Home Improvements. With a score of 4.5 across more than 4,000 reviews, at least 75% of their customers who left reviews awarded them 5 stars. Operating since 1971, you can expect this established business to appear on a list of the best double glazing companies in the UK, which is why we’ve included them on ours.

First Home Improvements has a wide range of products, especially in windows and doors, which are backed by FENSA, BFRC and the Glass and Glazing Federation. Even in smaller, less well known businesses, you can be sure to find quality and assurance.

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