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Boiler Service Costs in 2024

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 30, 2024
7 minutes read
  • What you’d pay to look after your boiler
  • Extensive cover plans
  • Cost of boiler repairs

The winter months experience higher callouts for heating engineers to repair broken boilers. This means you’re without heating or hot water until the issue is fixed. To prevent this from happening, it’s worth getting your boiler serviced regularly – ideally once every 12 months. Although this is an additional expense, there’s a whole host of issues that could present themselves if your boiler isn’t looked after properly.

This article will look at what a boiler service consists of, depending on your type of boiler, and the various costs involved. It will also look into how much repairs would be, some warning signs that something’s amiss, and types of boiler cover that can protect you.

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What Is a Boiler Service?

In a similar fashion to how you’d get your car serviced to make sure it’s operating properly, a boiler service is the same but for the main hub of your heating system. It’s a standard check to ensure that everything is working properly and that nothing will go wrong.

Depending on which type of boiler you have, the service will check the gas connection, for oil leaks or that all electrical wires and elements are secured in place properly. These checks protect you against the costly possibility of boiler replacement and keep your warranty valid. Most manufacturers will require an annual boiler service as a suitable way of keeping your warranty valid for its duration.

What an Annual Boiler Service Includes

You can always check with a heating engineer or plumber to find out the specifics of a boiler service, but this generally includes checking the following:

Boiler Check Vector
  • Controls

  • Gas flow and pressure

  • Internal main components

  • Combustion releases

  • Safety devices

  • Water and gas pipework (where applicable)

  • Electric connections

  • Seals

The type of service you receive depends on which company you choose, and if you’re on a service plan or have boiler cover. During the process of a boiler service, any signs of corrosion or leaks will be fixed, and any dirty parts will be cleaned. It’s simply a way of checking that your boiler is working efficiently and you’re not wasting money.

Why a Boiler Service is Recommended

A professional should inspect the inner workings of your boiler at least once a year. Unless you’re suitably trained, you won’t be able to do this yourself. Not only does a service ensure your heating system is working as it should be and operating safely, it keeps the warranty valid, which is usually across 10 years. Should anything happen in this timeframe and you need to replace it, a boiler service will ensure there’s no quibbling from the manufacturer.

The extra benefits of a regular boiler service include:

  • Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Minimise running costs

  • Prevent the risk of breakdowns

  • Prolong the life of your boiler

Sometimes, a boiler service may be necessary to repair urgent issues, such as a thermostat being unresponsive. This is where a professional will come in.

Heating Engineers

There are different types of heating engineers, depending on which boiler you have.

Plumbing Service Vector

While there is no official register for engineers to conduct a service on electric boilers, theoretically any of the heating engineers outlined above will be able to complete this for you. A company licensed by the NICEIC may put your mind at ease.

Don’t get caught out by companies masquerading as qualified engineers. You can use the registers above to find out if an engineer is properly licensed.

Boiler Service Costs

Depending on how extensive repairs are and which company takes on the service, the amount you’ll actually pay will differ substantially. Additionally, you may have a boiler service plan, which will take into consideration a yearly service.

One-off Service Costs

For those without service plans, a one-off boiler service will cost anywhere from £60–£120. The bigger the company, the more you can expect to pay, usually to the tune of 30–50% more than local businesses.

According to Checkatrade, the average price is around £100 for about 30 minutes of work. You can see different costs based on the type of boiler service in the interactive graph below.

Electric boilers work out the cheapest to service at about £80, mostly because they have fewer parts and don’t burn fuel. A gas boiler service is the most expensive, at around £100. Any gas leaks and seals will be checked, as well as the flue.

Boiler Cover Plan Costs

Fixing Radiator Isometric

Usually available as an add-on to your insurance or as a separate service package, you can make sure your annual boiler service is covered under applicable boiler cover. Although this is usually more expensive than the one-off costs outlined above, it gives you added protection throughout the year.

Boiler cover can be paid for in monthly instalments, and averages around £240, but can be as high as £300. These service packages also protect your central heating, which can be more costly to repair. The benefit of a boiler cover plan from some businesses is that if they are unable to repair issues, they may replace your boiler as part of the process.

Home Emergency Cover

Extensive boiler service packages come under home emergency cover, which protects you from heating, plumbing and drainage issues you might face throughout the year. These can often be tacked onto your insurance premiums, which works out at around £5 a month, which saves you around ¾ from getting standalone boiler cover. The only catch is that you’ll need to read the terms and conditions to see if your system will be covered in all eventualities.

One-off Payment or Extensive Boiler Cover?

It’s entirely down to personal preference which cover would work best for you. Many homeowners will be content simply paying the one-off fee every year, especially if their boiler is reliable and new. However, the older your system is, the more likely it will be beneficial to opt for extensive yearly cover.

Boiler Repair Costs

The other advantages of boiler cover is that any repairs will be covered under your package. For those who pay for a one-off boiler service, any repairs will need to be paid for on top of this. Depending on which part needs to be repaired/replaced, this can cost you anything from £100–£500.

You can see a breakdown of some of the most common boiler parts and the cost of replacing them in the interactive graph below.

Bear in mind these prices are only intended as a guide. The actual price you’ll pay for repairs will depend on your boiler model, how old it is and the professional conducting the repairs. Although labour has been included, an emergency repair will also incur a call-out charge.

How to Tell if Something Is Wrong With Your Boiler

Besides the most obvious unresponsive boiler, there are other signs that your system needs to be looked at. Short of a boiler breakdown, there are other issues that can present themselves. These include:

  • Gas boilers with an orange or yellow flame instead of blue

  • Loud operating noises

  • Wildly variating pressure

  • Strangely high fuel use

You can usually tell that your boiler is due for a service if it’s been a long time since the last one. Similarly, if you notice a leak or can smell gas or fuel, you should immediately call for an emergency repair. Otherwise, a boiler that’s slow to heat up your home can be a sign that you need a boiler service.

Routine Servicing

When a heating engineer conducts a boiler service, they will perform a series of routine checks on your system, which takes around half an hour to complete.

A few of the checks that will take place are:

New Boiler Isometric
  • A visual inspection for signs of corrosion or leaks

  • Checking the parts and controls are operating properly and cleanly

  • Inspecting the flue so exhaust gases are safely being expelled

  • Testing the water pressure and adjusting if necessary

Once the boiler service is complete, the heating engineer will give you a list of what’s been done and if there are any issues. If you’d like further details or explanations, they will talk you through anything while they’re there.

Repair or Replacement?

When it comes to making your heating system last, boiler service is certainly the way to go. It can keep your boiler operating for years, which saves you on the cost of a replacement, which will always be more than a service. If there’s no issues with your boiler, keeping it operational through repairs can be more worthwhile in the long run.

Depending on how long you’ve had your boiler and how efficient it is, you may benefit from a new model. The best boilers are much more energy efficient than older models, and can even save you money during operation. New boilers also come with a warranty, which guarantees your system to last for a set period of time. To keep it operational, a yearly service is usually recommended.

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