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Aluminium Window Costs in 2024

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 23, 2024
8 minutes read
  • Compare aluminium window costs to other materials
  • How to get cheap aluminium windows
  • Types of frame available

When it comes to aluminium window costs, they are amongst the most expensive type of window available. Thanks to their sleek frames and modern design, they are in demand and work well with any property. Allowing for more light to enter the home, aluminium windows and doors are compact yet incredibly strong and long lasting.

This article will explore what aluminium windows cost, as well as how these compare to other materials. It will look at different styles available and how much you could pay for these. Finally, this article will discuss cheap aluminium windows and how you can benefit from them. With aluminium window costs, you can be sure that you’re purchasing quality materials.

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Types of Aluminium Window Available

All homes are different and not everyone is a window designer, which is one reason why windows come in a variety of styles to suit any home. Where the material greatly affects the price you pay for windows, so too does the style. With aluminium windows, each style will be slightly different, but no less thermally efficient.

Aluminium windows come in the following types:

  • Casement

  • Sash

  • Sliding

  • Panoramic

  • Tilt and turn

  • Bifold

Aluminium windows range from the cheap to the expensive for each of these styles, from the most trusted casement to the largest panoramic. When it comes to aluminium window installation, the more complicated the style, the higher the additional cost of labour will become.


Considered the most secure and simple style, casement windows are widely used across the UK. These windows open outwards and are attached to the frame by hinges on one side.

Casement aluminium windows cost around £750.


Traditional and Georgian, sash windows have a single panel that moves up and down to operate. The main benefit is that it doesn’t encroach on outside space.

Sash aluminium windows are around £2,000.


Similar to sliding patio doors, these are window panels that open horizontally. Smooth to operate and easy to use, sliding windows are sleek and don’t take up much space.

Sliding aluminium windows cost around £675.


Floor to ceiling windows give you a panoramic view of the outside world, allowing more natural light in. The aluminium frame is much thinner than uPVC, which gives you glazing to the edge of the window.

Panoramic aluminium window costs are around £3,500.

Tilt and Turn

Tilt a Turn Window Continuous Line

Opening inwards on side or bottom hinges, tilt and turn windows give you versatility. Like a casement window but in reverse, the extra hinge sets you back slightly more.

Tilt and turn aluminium windows cost around £1,025.


Bifold windows are like mini bifold doors. They match perfectly with aluminium bifold doors. Due to their concertina design, they are more complicated to install, opening on runners.

Bifold aluminium windows are around £2,000.

You can see how different types of aluminium window compare in price in the interactive graph below. Bear in mind, window installers will need to be paid separately for labour.

How Much Do Aluminium Windows Cost?

When it comes to cheap aluminium windows, the average cost ranges from £600 to £1,800. This depends on the size you need and the supplier you choose. For a 600 x 900mm aluminium casement window, for example, you could pay £540 on the cheap end and £680 on the higher end.

The larger the window, the bigger your aluminium windows will cost. You can see low and high window prices depending on different sizes in the interactive graph below.

The Cost of Coloured Aluminium Windows

Coloured choices come at an increased price. Normally seen in anthracite grey, aluminium window costs are a little more when they are powder coated. This is the colouring process they go through, and you can choose any RAL colour to suit your needs or match any aspect of your home.

Coloured aluminium windows tend to cost 10–20% more than the price of standard options. If you’re looking to match or complement a new drive finish or the exterior walls of your property, specific RAL colours can be chosen. The idea behind using RAL codes is that they are more universal and you can get an exact match.

How Do Aluminium Window Costs Compare to Other Materials?

It’s handy to know how aluminium window costs compare to the alternatives. According to Checkatrade, on average, you’ll spend more on timber windows than on uPVC or aluminium windows. Timber windows can be as expensive as £1,000, while high end sliding aluminium window costs can be about £990.

On the cheaper end of the scale, uPVC windows can be around £90–£100 cheaper than what aluminium windows cost.

You can see how these materials compare in the interactive graph below.

Though the price differences can be dramatic, it’s worth looking at the pros and cons to see how much value for money you’ll get. Each window material comes with its own lifespan, and aluminium windows represent a good investment based on how long they are likely to last.

Pros and Cons of Aluminium Windows


  • Eco-friendly

  • Modern finish

  • Multiple colour options

  • Durable with a long lifespan

  • Allow for more natural light

  • Cheaper than timber

  • Lightweight and not bulky

  • Resistant to warping and corrosion

Floor to Ceiling Window Isometric

Window frames made from aluminium have an incredibly long lifespan, lasting up to 45 years. When you’re paying a higher price than uPVC, this can give you an extra 20 years compared to the 20–25 years associated with the cheaper material. Part of this longevity comes from its durability, being able to withstand huge weights without compromising its integrity.

Aluminium window costs are a lot more palatable when you realise that the material is eco-friendly. Aluminium can be recycled after the frame has reached the end of its useful life, which can then be used to create other products. Choosing aluminium is better for the environment as you’re being part of a circular economy.


  • Prone to corrosion

  • Issues with condensation

There are few disadvantages to choosing windows made from aluminium. One of the downsides is that they are less suited to coastal properties as the metal can corrode more quickly in the presence of salty air or water. While this can still present an issue inland, it’s a lot less noticeable. Regular cleaning can keep it in check, and adding a powder coated colour can give another level of protection.

The other downside is the increased risk of condensation appearing. As the surface is made of metal, it’s a lot more susceptible to temperature shocks. This can be a problem in the colder months as it presents the perfect conditions for mould and fungi to grow, which can then cause health issues. Regular cleaning on the interior can prevent this from happening.

You can learn how condensation is reduced in windows through the presence of trickle vents in our related article.

Aluminium Window Warranties

Despite what aluminium windows cost, the benefits will give you a frame that will last for many years. For added peace of mind, your new installation will come with a warranty. Window manufacturers will offer slightly different warranties, but you should check whether the whole window is included in this or just the frame.

Aluminium Window Vector

Whole Window or Frame Guarantee

The window manufacturer’s warranty will normally be for the whole window, but sometimes you can receive one for the frame instead. More trusted suppliers will give you longer warranties of at least 25 years, while lower quality materials may only be for 10 years.

Sealed Unit Guarantee

This only becomes a problem if the sealed unit fails and the material has broken or gas has leaked out. Problems with condensation within the panes or noticing a room is much colder than normal will be covered under a sealed unit guarantee. If available, the manufacturer will repair or replace the affected windows, either for a span of 10 years or for the lifetime of the window.

Discolouration Guarantee

If you have chosen a coloured window frame, some manufacturers offer protection on the coating for 10–25 years. While coloured aluminium window costs are more expensive, having a guarantee in place will save you money should something go wrong in future.

Should I Buy Aluminium Windows?

There are multiple benefits of choosing an aluminium frame for your windows, including the length of time that they will last. With a modern look and additional natural light able to come into your property, there’s not much reason not to choose this material. Although aluminium window costs on average are higher than uPVC, choosing some of the simpler options can work out more cost effective, especially in the long run.

If you’re on a budget, cheap aluminium windows come in the form of sliding and casement styles. A high end type, such as a panoramic, sash or bifold window system, will cost you a lot more and can take much longer to recoup the costs through savings in energy bills.

While there are disadvantages to choosing aluminium frames, unless you’re in a coastal area, these won’t be much of a hindrance to you.

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