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Double Glazing Repair – Is It Worth It?

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 29, 2024
7 minutes read
  • New windows can cut energy costs by around £150 a year
  • Save money by opting for window repair
  • What affects double glazing replacement costs

There are sometimes issues with your windows that are so minor that you may be able to fix them through double glazing repair. Replacement is always a bigger cost, so you can save money by going down the more economical route of conducting repairs. However, the professional touch is always recommended as some issues can be made worse if you attempt to try them yourself.

This article will detail what issues in your windows can be rectified with double glazing repair, and when it’s worth doing so. It will also go into how you can extend the life of your double glazing. By making sure your windows are as energy efficient as possible, you can benefit from a reduction in your energy bills, so don’t delay correcting any issues.

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Overview of Double Glazed Window Repairs

Sometimes the best options are the most straightforward. When it comes to double glazing repair, you’re choosing the most cost-effective way of correcting anything wrong with your panes of glass or frames. These can be affected in a number of different ways, such as the seal failing, cracks appearing or the middle becoming misted. In terms of energy efficiency, if your windows aren’t in perfect order, you’ll be wasting money.

When new double glazed windows are installed, they are meant to last for decades at a time. Depending on the material you choose, this can be much longer than others. Naturally, installing double glazing can be expensive, especially if you have a large property, so replacement will always be more than opting for double glazing repair.

Wooden Sash Window

Factors That Affect Replacement Cost

  • Window frame material

  • Style and shape/design

  • Size of window glass

  • Type of glazing

There are many elements to factor in when it comes to replacement double glazing, which is what makes double glazing repair all the more attractive. However, you can’t rely on repairing everything, as some issues can be too structural to fix.

At any rate, investing in suitable windows that will reduce your personal carbon emissions and domestic energy bill, as well as retain heat in the winter and keep your property cooler in the summer, is incredibly beneficial. By seeing how you can keep double glazing repair costs affordable can help save you money in the long run.

When Double Glazing Repair Is Worth It

There are usually some common areas that are prone to wear and tear. These sections are most likely to benefit from double glazing repair as it will be far cheaper than simply replacing the whole window.

These include:

  • Window opening mechanism

  • Gaps around the window frame

  • Broken locks

  • The appearance of mould

Any of these issues can be a result of smaller issues that can be completed with double glazing repair. Just because a lock is broken, doesn’t mean you should pay for a whole new window. However, some issues, such as mould appearing, can be the symptom of an underlying cause that may require replacement. It’s important to understand the causes of any problems first.

When Window Replacement Is More Suitable

Usually larger issues cannot be quickly fixed through double glazing repair. Sometimes, there are instances in which you should replace your window instead.

These include:

  • Warped frame

  • Leaking windows

  • Broken seals

  • No noise reduction from outside

  • Window not installed properly

Besides the major fault of an installer failing to fit your new windows properly, there are other big issues that cannot simply be fixed. Some window materials are more prone to wear and damage than others, and you may find that they can warp or crack over time. This can lead to water ingress and noise from outside to enter unabated. In times like these, you will constantly have to spend on double glazing repair, so it’s more cost-effective to replace windows instead.

Check the Condition of Your Windows

New Double Glazing

Newer windows shouldn’t run into many problems. All installations come with a warranty from the manufacturer, which should cover repairs or replacement in some instances. Warranties vary between suppliers, so you should check to see if double glazing repairs are included. A broken seal, for example, should be covered if your windows are relatively new.

In most cases, unless your new windows weren’t installed properly, double glazing repair is most likely going to be the best option.

Existing Windows

Depending on how old your double glazing is, you can determine whether you’ll benefit more from repair or replacement. If your windows were installed decades ago, you will be much better off fitting new ones. While minor issues can become apparent over the years, major faults can take time to appear and will be much easier to rectify through replacement rather than double glazing repair.

If your windows are old, worn, damaged or poorly installed, double glazing repair is unlikely to solve your issues. Replacement would be the best avenue for you.

Double Glazing Costs

If you opt for replacement over using double glazing repair, you can expect to pay around £300–£950 per window. This will depend on the factors outlined above, such as which style you choose, as well as the material. These prices cover all aspects of the installation, including the replacement frames and removal of the old ones.

Double glazing window costs in the UK depend on the type of window you have, which material you choose and how many windows need to be replaced. An older property with intricate bay windows or sliding sash windows will cost you more. Depending on the fault in your existing windows, double glazing repair may not be possible.

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How Do Double Glazing Costs Compare?

To put the costs into perspective, you have to consider that some window frames will last longer than others, giving you a significant boost to your investment.

You can see how different materials compare in the interactive graph below.

While timber and aluminium window frames can last the longest, they can cost you more. On average, uPVC frames are the cheapest, followed by aluminium, composite and then timber. Some manufacturers may price aluminium windows and doors higher than timber.

How to Extend the Life of Double Glazing

Window maintenance will always play a part in how long your double glazing is expected to last. To even put off double glazing repair, you can keep your windows clean and dry, removing any condensation that appears periodically. Making sure they shut properly can also prolong their life.

The longevity of your windows largely depends on the material you choose. Timber and aluminium can last for 40 years or longer, but they must also be looked after. This isn’t to say that other window materials shouldn’t be looked after, as regular maintenance can stave off double glazing repair. However, all windows will come to the end of their natural life at some point. Once repairs become inevitable, it may only be a few years before you need to pay for a full replacement instead.

Is uPVC Window Repair Worth It?

As the cheapest and most readily available material for windows, it’s worth asking if repairing uPVC is actually worth considering. Only lasting around 20–25 years, uPVC frames have a shorter lifespan than timber, for example. While they do have excellent insulating properties and can help improve your home’s energy efficiency, you will still find that double glazing repair is worth pursuing.

As uPVC is hardwearing and contemporary, repairs can be performed quickly and simply, which will keep labour and overall costs down. Even if you do need to replace the window, it can cost you from around £300. Naturally, double glazing repair will be cheaper than this, perhaps drastically so, depending on the nature of your issue.

Tips on Choosing Double Glazing

Double and Triple Glazing Slices

When double glazing repair isn’t possible, you can help the energy efficiency of your home by being selective about your options. For example, a newer type of glazing will retain more heat in your home whilst limiting the amount of heat gained from the Sun. Shop around for different U-values, which is how heat transfer is measured. The lower the number, the less heat your window pane will allow through.

Triple glazing has even better thermal performance than double glazed windows. Find out how much triple glazing costs in our accompanying guide.

Repair or Replace – Deciding Which Option

While repair services are available from many window companies, only a professional can give you a true indication of whether you should opt for replacement or double glazing repair. The only downside to repairing problems is whether the issues persist. While you can save hundreds of pounds by choosing to repair your window instead, underlying issues can cause you to keep repeatedly paying out. Budget always plays a part, but you may sometimes save money by opting for replacement in the long run.

Repairing double glazing will always be your decision, and this can work well for minor issues. Structural problems will need to be replaced to prevent further damage to your property or window. Common issues and advice on double glazing repairs can be found in our accompanying guide.

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