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Solar Panel Insurance

Author: Jack Lloyd
Updated: Sep 12, 2023
10 minutes read
  • Most insurance companies will include solar panels in your home insurance policy as standard
  • Solar panel insurance can be relatively cheap
  • Help avoid making an insurance claim by ensuring your warranty covers you for 25 years
  • Our expert partners offer the best advice and service

Solar panel insurance is much like any other kind of insurance – we get it for the event of something going wrong, not necessarily because we expect it to. According to Money Supermarket, many insurance companies will already include solar panels in their home insurance policies, but it is always worth making sure, preferably before you get your solar panels installed. You do not want to get your system installed, only to find you need to take out additional solar panel insurance, or to switch providers.

Your solar panels should come with a 25-year warranty, but this is for when parts simply stop working or do not perform as they should. It will not cover you for the same things as solar panel insurance would cover you for. You can find out information for warranty lengths for each component of your solar panel system on The Renewable Energy Hub.

Solar Installers working on a roof

What is Solar Panel Insurance?

Solar panel insurance is simply protection against the worst. However unlikely it may be, your solar panels could be damaged by falling trees, extreme weather, and thieves to name a few. There is little point in committing to what can be quite a large investment, if you are not planning to protect it with solar panel insurance. We all think ‘it will not happen to me’ until it does.

If your home insurance does not include solar panel insurance, they may charge you a small fee on top. Many will not charge for this and if they try to increase the cost by a large amount, it is better to find an alternative insurer. Usually, solar panels are considered part of your home, just as walls and doors are, as they are permanently mounted to your roof.

There are roughly 25 million homes in the UK. According to the MCS Database, over 1,250,000 solar installations have been registered with them. This means only 5.35% of all homes in the UK have been fitted with solar panels.

Does Solar Panel Insurance Cover Wear and Tear?

In most cases, solar panel insurance will not cover wear and tear and it will be your responsibility to ensure that you maintain your solar panels to a good standard. Thankfully, this is not difficult, as solar panels are amazingly easy to maintain. The most you should ever have to do is make sure they are free from dirt and debris when needed.

A solution of mild soapy water will be enough to make sure your solar panels remain in good working order, but you should always make sure you can do this safely. You will need to work at height for this, so it may be safer to hire somebody else to come and do this for you when required. It should not be expensive or take too long. Be sure to read reviews and testimonies for anybody you choose to hire.

Does Solar Panel Insurance Cover Accidental Damage?

Not all solar panel insurance will cover accidental damage. You will be covered in the event of fires, impact from falling trees, theft, vandalism, or storm damage to name a few. Your insurance provider may offer accidental damage for your solar panel insurance, but they are likely to charge a premium for this coverage. It is important to ask exactly what is covered on your solar panel insurance policy and get everything detailed in writing.

What is the Cost of Solar Panel Insurance?

Your solar panels home insurance should be part of your buildings insurance, which is different to contents insurance. You may have buildings insurance or building and contents insurance combined. Whether you have a mortgage, do not have a mortgage, you are a landlord, renting or own your home, you should have an insurance policy to protect you.

According to Compare the Market, you could pay as little as £118 to £152 per year for solar panels home insurance that will cover your home and its contents. Of course, the price will depend on the contents you add to be insured. Getting a quote is easy, but have your questions ready!

Things to Consider When Choosing Solar Panel Insurance

Before you phone around or enquire about solar panel insurance online, have a list of questions ready to ask. You should contact at least three providers and they should be able to give you answers easily. A good insurance provider should be happy to answer and explain anything you want to know, without rushing you to make an immediate decision.

Below are just a few things you should consider before making a commitment. Not all policies are identical and will differ slightly from each other. You will certainly have additional questions about solar panel insurance, so write these down too. It is better to be prepared than regret it later when you have already signed on the dotted line and potentially parted with your money.

  1. Type of damages your solar panel insurance will cover
  2. Is there a no claims bonus or discount?
  3. Is there an excess to pay?
  4. What does your policy not cover?
  5. What, if anything, is included as accidental damages?
  6. What happens if I am under-insured?
  7. Do they have an empty buildings policy?
  8. Can you save money by paying up front, rather than monthly?
  9. Will your solar panel insurance premium increase if you make a claim?
  10. The process of initiating a claim if needed

Limits to Solar Panel Insurance

Some solar panel insurance policies will have an upper limit to the sums insured for your solar panel system. It is advisable to contact your insurance company to find out whether they impose a limit as you may find out that the value of your system exceeds this limit. Some insurance companies will also not cover ground mounted units, only roof mounted units.

If you choose to install your solar panel system after you have taken out insurance, you should contact your provider and let them know, as this is a ‘major change.’ You may need to increase the value of your insurance and pay an additional small fee compared to what you pay now. This is not always the case, so as always, shop around to find the best deal.

Are All Types of Solar Panels Covered by Solar Panel Insurance?

Absolutely. Whether you have photovoltaic panels, hybrid panels with heat exchangers or even solar roof tiles, they should be covered by your solar panel insurance. If they are attached to your roof, they are considered part of your buildings structure.

If, however they are ground mounted, the opposite applies, and they may not be covered on your policy. Be sure to check this before you have your system installed, or if you already have gone ahead with your installation. It is better than finding out after something happens that you might not be insured.

How Can I reduce the Cost of Solar Panel Home Insurance?

When you consider the protection offered by home insurance, it can be a small price to pay each month or annually in comparison to if you were not covered. There are a few things you can do to reduce the cost of your coverage, however. We have listed some of these below. We have also included a few things that will make sure a break-in is less likely but may not make a difference to your policy.

  • Install an intruder alarm at your property
  • Install a smoke alarm and ensure that it is regularly tested
  • If your property is left unattended for extended periods of time, make sure a friend or neighbour has a key and can visit regularly
  • Install auto light systems that can be switched on and off remotely, giving the illusion that somebody is home
  • Install a quality CCTV system that will act as a deterrent, or a Ring doorbell in the very least
  • Make sure you have quality locking mechanists on your doors and windows
  • Install a security gate around your property where possible

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