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Home Energy Survey 2023/2024

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Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Jan 24, 2024
3 minutes read

With 2023 feeling like a distant memory, there were a lot of important issues that the country faced. This is why Lead Insight, under its Eco Quote Today brand, conducted another survey to discover how the public reacted to the events that shaped the year.

Winners of the Prize Draw

As before, anyone who completed the survey was automatically entered into a prize draw for a chance to win a share of £350 in vouchers. These were delivered in time for Christmas, and our lucky winners were overjoyed to have received them.

The prize draw video can be found on YouTube, which shows you how the winners were selected and how much they won.

Comparison of Surveys

With the previous survey as a base for comparison, we were able to analyse how opinions had changed within a 12 month timespan. This is why many questions have been repeated, giving us a way to see if UK households were more or less in favour of different elements. Of course, there are also plenty of new questions.

The 2022/2023 survey set the bar for how households felt about certain issues. While there was an overlap in the 2023/2024 survey, future instalments will keep up to date with relevant issues across the year.

2023/2024 Version

We gathered the viewpoints of 4,500 UK homeowners about important topics, such as trust levels in various bodies, support for strike action and whether there has been enough support throughout the energy crisis.

If you’d like to see the full document, you can download your copy of the Home Energy Survey 2023/2024.

Alternatively, you can view the survey online.

Key Findings

We asked homeowners plenty of questions to do with the energy crisis, whether the government was doing enough and which renewable systems were most popular. In descending order, the biggest findings were:

  • Almost ¾ of Brits believe we are in a climate emergency

  • 16% fewer people cut down on their electricity and gas usage than they did in 2022

  • When moving into a new home, 63% of UK people would prefer solar panels to be already installed

  • Onshore wind has the approval of more than 75% of people

  • 95% of homeowners are still worried about the energy crisis

  • Across all groups, the government is the least trusted, at 63% distrust

About the Survey

You can see the full results by downloading the document yourself. With a breakdown by age for a number of questions, and comparison to the previous survey, you can see how opinions have changed in a short space of time.

More households are in favour of the government changing its actions the most in order to limit the effects of climate change. As they are in the best position to implement policy to achieve this, it makes sense that they should have the highest rating. The second choice was oil and gas giants, who have made record profits throughout the energy crisis.

More than 40% of people would choose to have an electric vehicle for free. When broken down into age groups, this rises to more than half of 36-44-year-olds.

Home Energy Survey 2024/2025

Thanks to the continued success of these surveys, we will look to conduct another one going into next year. To be able to take part, you need to be on our mailing lists or following us on social media.

Your opinions are important to us and help shape the content we publish. We’re always appreciative of anyone who takes the time to fill these in.