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The Ultimate Guide to Vaillant Heat Pumps

Author: Jack Lloyd
Updated: Oct 23, 2023
6 minutes read
  • Trusted UK brand with heat pumps for every type of home
  • Lower energy bills whilst cutting carbon emissions
  • Use our online calculator to get a free quote for a Vaillant heat pump in seconds

For an established heat pump brand you can trust, Vaillant heat pumps are some of the best in the industry. Delivering exceptional performance and reliable German efficiency, Vaillant offers an unrivalled range of award-wining air source, ground source and hybrid heat pumps.

With heat pumps to suit every type and age of home, whether you have a flat or a house, Vaillant makes it possible for everyone to find the perfect, low carbon solution. Superb energy efficiency means Vaillant’s heat pumps are guaranteed to deliver notable energy-savings. You’ll enjoy ErP ratings of A+ or more accompanied by excellent customer service.

Long recognised for their industry-leading designs, with a Vaillant heat pump you know you’ve got a top-performing, renewable heating solution that’s suitable for UK homes and ready for the future.

Let’s take a look at why Vaillant heat pumps are some of the best in the industry.

Air conditioner and heat pump

What Are Vaillant Heat Pumps?

First established in 1874, Vaillant is a global leading brand, recognised as innovators across the heating sector. With renewable solutions now their main focus, Vaillant heat pumps have won many awards for performance, efficiency and quiet operation.

Still a family-run German company, the Vaillant Group has a large UK headquarters with a manufacturing plant in Derbyshire.

Unlike so many of their competitors, Vaillant’s range includes hybrid boilers for full consumer choice. Delivering 5% of the UK’s air source heat pumps and 10% of the UK’s ground source heat pumps, Vaillant have harnessed the renewable energy market.

Whilst few of the country’s top heating and hot water brands produce renewable solutions, Vaillant make it easy to buy a reliable, top-performing heat pump from a well-known brand you can trust.

Why Choose Vaillant Heat Pumps?

  1. Trusted brand: Already a top boiler brand, when you choose a Vaillant heat pump you know you’re buying from a well-known manufacturer of quality heating solutions that last
  2. Repairs are easy: Choosing a Vaillant heat pump means your heat pump will be made in the UK by a manufacturer renowned for excellent builds. With superb customer service guaranteed and parts located in the UK, repairs and future support will be easy
  3. Award-winning features: Powerful performance, high efficiency ratings and quiet operation are just some of the reasons why Vaillant’s heat pumps have won so many awards
  4. Environmentally-friendly refrigerant: Whilst competitors continue to use traditional refrigerants, Vaillant have developed organic, environmentally-friendly refrigerants for use in their heat pumps
  5. Lower energy bills: Delivering exceptional efficiency, Vaillant heat pumps have ErP ratings of A+ or more, meaning levels of efficiency at least 3 times better than a gas boiler, often more. Providing you with a constant, well-regulated heat instead of the high-low temperatures produced by traditional boilers, it will take less energy to heat your home meaning savings on energy bills
  6. Reduce carbon emissions: Your energy-efficient heat pump will put an end to the high levels of damaging carbon emissions gas boilers produce. Heat pumps only use a small amount of electricity to work whilst producing far more energy than they use
  7. Qualifies for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme: The UK Government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme is designed to make heat pumps affordable for ordinary families. Only available from 2022 to 2025, you could get £7,500 off the cost of a heat pump

And that’s not all! Find a full review of the benefits heat pumps offer in our guide to the advantages of heat pumps.

Vaillant Heat Pump Types: Which Is Best?

Vaillant offer an excellent choice of heat pumps, with something to suit everyone. Here’s a roundup of their best-selling, award-winning heat pump models.

Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps

Vaillant heat pumps that are air source are the most popular choice for homes because they are the easiest, cheapest type of heat pump to install. Heating outside air as it passes through the system, your Vaillant air source heat pump will need to be installed on an external wall.

Best Vaillant Air Source Heat Pumps

AroTHERM: Designed to suit the wide range of types and ages of properties we have here in the UK, the AroTHERM collection includes models for every type of home, from big period houses to small contemporary flats.

As you would imagine, the AroTHERM collection is large, offering air source heat pumps in a range of outputs, spanning 3.5-12 kW.

  • The standard AroTHERM model is a compact design with practical features which include anti-corrosion and anti-vandalism protection.
  • Still-compact, the AroTHERM Plus is designed to be installed with the fridge-sized uniTOWER to provide the extra water a large family of five need for an adequate supply of hot water and heating.
  • For flexibility, the AroTHERM split has wall-mounted units for both indoors and outdoors with smartphone controls for use on the go.

Vaillant Ground Source Heat Pumps

Vaillant heat pumps that are ground source include a pipe network which must be installed in a trench or bore hole in your outdoor space. Water is warmed as it moves through the system’s underground pipe system which retains the heat from the natural warmth in the ground.

Best model:

FlexoTHERM: Available as a ground source or air source heat pump, the flexoTHERM is one of Vaillant’s greenest designs. Available with outputs of 5-19 kW, the flexoTHERM is an all-round solution with a Quiet Mark award for peaceful operation plus a 5-year parts and labour guarantee.

Air Source Heat Pumps vs Ground Source Heat Pumps

Here’s a generalised comparison of how air source heat pumps and ground source heat pumps differ:

Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Installation Costs

£8,000 – £18,000

£20,000 – £35,000

BUS Scheme Reduction

£7,500 reduction

£7,500 reduction

Installation requirements

External wall which receives natural light

Outdoor space for trench around 2m deep and wide or 90 - 160m deep bore hole

Efficiency ratings

300 -500% (3-5 times better than a gas boiler)

300% (3 times better than a gas boiler)

Change to energy use over year

Uses more energy during the colder months

Consistent use due to constant underground temperature

COP (Co-efficient of Performance)

2.5 – 3.5

3.5 – 4.5


20 years

25 years

Vaillant Hybrid Heat Pumps

If you need to want to install a heat pump with a gas boiler as a backup, you’ll need a hybrid heat pump.

Best model:

AroTHERM Hybrid: The AroTHERM hybrid boasts an intuitive system designed to switch sources if efficiency will be better so energy bills are always as low as possible.

What Is The Cost of Vaillant Heat Pumps?

Even before we look at the cost, it's worth noting the heat pump grants available.

When comparing Vaillant heat pump prices you’ll notice Vaillant ground source heat pumps are more expensive than Vaillant air source heat pumps. This is true across the board because it takes a lot more work to install a ground source heat pump due to installation of the pipe network which must be positioned deep in the ground.

Typically, you can expect to pay around £8,000 – £18,000 for a new air source heat pump and around £20,000 – £35,000 for a ground source heat pump.

However, Vaillant’s heat pumps are designed with ordinary homes in mind so you’ll find Vaillant heat pump prices are affordable with more expensive models available.

For example, prices for Vaillant air source heat pumps can start at £2,950 for the Vaillant AroTHERM 5kW air source heat pump. Other options include the AroTHERM 11kW at £3,860 and the AroTHERM 15kW at £5,100.

Prices for the Vaillant AroTHERM Plus for larger families start from £5,540, finishing at around £6,050. For the Vaillant AroTHERM Split, purchase costs are around £3,300.

Remember, final installation costs will include labour and equipment which will be higher for installation of a ground source heat pump. However, if you apply for the Boiler Update Scheme in time, you’ll be able to have £7,500 deducted from the installation costs for an air or ground source heat pump. You’ll need to be quick because funding is issued on a first come, first served basis until 2025 – if it lasts that long!

For more information on how much a heat pump costs to run, see our guide.

Vaillant Heat Pump Reviews: How Do They Score?

Vaillant heat pumps deliver the peace of mind you need because it’s easy to check past reviews from trusted sources. Take Trustpilot for example. Vaillant’s score on Trustpilot is a whopping 4.6 from over 17,400 reviews. 79% of customers rate Vaillant as an excellent supplier for installation and performance.

Though most reviews at the moment are for traditional Vaillant boilers, they give you the final confirmation Vaillant are as good as they claim.

Alternatively, get a bespoke quote for Vaillant heat pumps from our expert team of installers by filling in our form.