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OZEV Grant: What Is It and Am I Eligible?

Author: Jack Lloyd
Updated: Dec 19, 2023
18 minutes read
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More of us than ever before are using electric cars in the UK. So it’s good news the government has put aside a large pot of money, to the tune of £1.6 billion, to build the infrastructure electric car owners need for easy charging at home and on the go.

For the OZEV Grant that means up to £350 off the cost to buy and install a chargepoint at your home if you live in a flat or rental accommodation. But government grants aren’t limited to those groups.

The 2030 target to have 300,000 electric vehicle chargepoints available for public use across the UK, means there are similar grants available for residential roads, businesses and more.

Why? Not only are chargepoints expected to be more plentiful by 2030, in the same year, sales of new petrol and diesel cars are due to end. The OZEV Grant and others like it, are designed to ensure UK residents have convenient chargepoints at home and work.

There’s government funding available for all types of properties, from flats to houses and business premises. Depending on the specifics of your current fossil fuel car use, your savings could be as high as £3000. Certainly savings of £1000 or more is the minimum you should expect when switching to an EV.

On top of that you’ll be helping the environment by slashing your carbon emissions.

From chargepoints for private parking areas to residential roads, here’s all you need to know about the OZEV grant and related financial assistance for other types of properties.

Here’s all you need to know about the OZEV grant and more.

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Electric car plugged in to charge battery at the EV charging station

What Is the OZEV Grant?

The OZEV Grant is a domestic chargepoint grant for flats and rental accommodation. Administered by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, the OZEV Grant is officially known as the EV Chargepoint Grant.

If you qualify for the OZEV Grant you can get a discount of up to £350 taken off the cost to buy and install a chargepoint which will need to be installed in the private parking you have for your flat or rented accommodation


The award for UK residents, is an update of the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme which finished in April 2022. Having started on 1st May 2022, the EV Chargepoint Grant is essentially a re-release of the 8-year Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme but for fewer people.

The EVHS had previously been open to any property owners, meaning homeowners of houses and bungalows could apply. This is no longer the case.

However, eight years has seen a lot of change and there are far more electric cars on the road than there were in 2014. The picture will be the same for existing grants in years to come that’s why it’s important to make the most of grants early.

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The EV Chargepoint Grant

The OZEV Grant or the EV Chargepoint Grant, whichever you prefer to call it, works in the same way as the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme did. You’ll get a reduction on your grant-approved charger when you secure an approved installer.

Totalling up to £350, the OZEV Grant should cover around 75% of your purchase and installation costs for your domestic chargepoint. Once the discount has been applied, you’ll need to pay for any costs leftover which should be around 25% or less of the quoted price for purchase and installation.

How Do I Apply for the OZEV Grant?

Like many other government grants, if you qualify for the award, you’ll need to:

1. Find an approved installer from those registered with the scheme.

2. Get a quote for the work (it’s always a good idea to get three) and agree to it if you want to proceed.

3. Your installer will apply for the OZEV grant on your behalf and deduct the award from your purchase and installation costs. The government says is should take no more than 30 days for the grant to be received by your installer.

4. Once the chargepoint is installed, you’ll need to pay the bill for the final 25% or less of the work.

The UK Government website has said that 1,587 sockets have been supplied under this scheme since January 2023.

Am I Eligible for the OZEV Grant?

Qualifying criteria for the OZEV Grant (also known as the EV Chargepoint Grant) include the following:

  • Your property must have its own off-street parking.
  • You can be the landlord, tenant (you’ll need your landlord’s permission) or flat owner.
  • You must live in the property.
  • You must not have already received an award from the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.
  • The property must solely be for residential use.
  • You can only make a claim for one chargepoint per household.
  • You must have a scheme- approved electric car make and model.
  • You must buy a scheme-approved charger.
  • You must use an installer approved by the scheme.

Read the full details about eligibility and more for the OZEV Grant.

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Can I Get a Chargepoint for a Residential Road?

The OZEV grant for owners of houses and bungalows may well have run out but if you don’t have off-street parking, you can make use of the On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme.

The On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme is another OZEV grant and this one is open to residents who live in houses or bungalows as well as flats. Under the scheme you can get a chargepoint installed on the road outside your home.

If you get in touch with your local authority, they can access funding from the OZEV via Energy Saving Trust. If all the grant’s criteria is met, you should soon have a scheme-approved chargepoint installed on the road outside your home.

Learn more about the On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme

What Does OZEV Stand For?

The OZEV is an abbreviation for the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles, a government department which combines staff from the Department for Transport and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

This still relatively new government division is responsible for helping and encouraging the UK public to ditch fossil fuel vehicles and use Low Emission Vehicles (LEVs), such as electric cars.

There are a number of other OZEV grants available, including 2 more for electric vehicle chargepoints. See all government grants for electric cars.

They are:

  • On-street Residential Chargepoint Scheme (WCS)
  • Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)

Read on to find all the information you need about both grants a little further on in the article.

Can I Get a Chargepoint for Business Premises?

The OZEV also have a grant to assist businesses to install chargepoints, called the Workplace Charging Scheme.

The process for the scheme is pretty much the same as the EV Chargepoint Grant. Under the Workplace Charging Scheme you can have chargepoints installed on your business premises for the use of your customers and staff.

None of your staff have to have electric vehicles already and you can have up to 40 sockets fitted at a discount of £350 for each chargepoint socket. The reduction is equivalent to around 75% off the cost to purchase and install.

Available for registered businesses, charities and public organisations, you’ll need to use a scheme-approved fitter to carry out the work. Learn more about the Workplace Charging Scheme.

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How do UK electric car chargepoint grants compare?

Here’s how the 3 UK electric car chargepoint grants compare:

Grant Type

Qualifying chargepoint location

Award amount and




Flats and rental accommodation with private parking

Up to £350 for electric chargepoint installation.

Restricted to approved vehicle models, charger models, installers and more.


Roadside residents-only chargepoint for UK residents without private parking

Designated by LA

Restricted design, maintenance and more.


UK business premises

Up to £350 for each electric chargepoint socket installed.

No more than 40 sockets, registered companies, approved installers and more.

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