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10 Top Tips To Help With Energy Bills

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Author: Jack Lloyd
Updated: Jun 23, 2022
3 minutes read

Right now the UK is feeling the financial strain. Inflation prices are rising by 9.1% with The Bank of England warning it might reach 11% within months. This along with the energy price cap which has been raised by 54%, only to be raised again by an estimated 46% in October, and the fluctuating fuel prices, the cost of living is becoming severe.

That is why it’s important to be aware of some of the changes you could be making in your home to help you out financially. We’ve listed 10 top tips below.

Double Glazing

With double glazing, you will not only ensure that you’re keeping your house warm, but you’re also blocking out noise from outside and making your home harder to break into. Plus on top of that, you could save as much as £110 a year by installing A-rated double glazing.

LED Lights

Switching to smart LED lights could help you save as they not only look stylish but are also way more efficient than halogen bulbs. Plus they’re affordable.


Just by adding insulation to your home, you can expect a 25% reduction in heat loss. This ensures your home will be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

Installing insulation can help you regularly save hundreds each year on your energy bills and with it being durable and lasting over 40 years, it will pay for itself many times over.

Turn Off Oven A Few Minutes Earlier

Electric ovens can be quite costly to use compared to gas ones. However, you can reduce your usage by switching off your oven a few minutes before your food is due to be ready. The temperature of the oven will remain the same and continue to cook your food.

This will help you save energy and money.

Ten top tips to help with reducing energy while cooking.


You can save energy by investing in a new boiler that can save you hundreds a year on energy bills.

A combi boiler for example will heat water only when it is required, using minimal energy, and helping you to save money on your bills.

Unplug Devices

It may sound simple but just by unplugging devices when they’re not in use and making sure they’re not left on standby will help you save on your electricity bill.

Smart Meter

A smart meter is a great way to keep a track of your electricity in real-time, and see how/where you can reduce it.

Solar Energy

One thing to consider when increasing your energy efficiency is solar energy. Installing solar panels on your roof will allow you to generate your own power.

Not only this but you can even sell excess energy back to the National Grid.

Plus if you invest in a solar panel battery, you will also be able to help with storing energy captured by the solar panels and make it available for use at a later time.

Turning The Lights Off

Again, just by doing something as simple as turning off the lights when leaving a room can save a good chunk on your monthly electricity bills.

Washing At A Lower Temperature

By washing your clothes with a full load, at a cooler temperature, you will be saving a lot of water and electricity.


Hopefully these ten top tips will help and once you’ve sussed out the areas in your home that need improving, you’ll start to see some significant changes to your energy bills.