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Is There A Solution To The Constant Petrol Problems?

Out of use sign on all petrol and diesel pumps
Author: Jack Lloyd
Updated: Apr 12, 2022
8 minutes read

First the panic buying, then the rise in prices and now the protests. It seems like it’s a never ending struggle to get petrol in the UK these days.

According to the Independent, one in three petrol stations were forced to close in southern England due to oil terminal protests.

The Campaign for Fair Fuel has claimed that around 1,200 petrol pumps across the south of England have been forced to turn away motorists.

The protests are only adding to existing issues due to the increased demand for fuel after the repercussions of Covid.

So if you want to avoid today’s never-ending petrol problems and crazy pump prices, you should start to seriously consider buying an electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles (EV) are where you will start to see big savings. See below for a brief guide on EV tariffs.

EV Tariffs

Charging your electric vehicle at home is the cheapest and most convenient way to add miles to your car.

We understand that energy prices are on the rise but with EV tariffs, you can plug in and charge your car overnight at a very cheap price due to it not being peak hours for energy usage.

Not only do you pay less to charge, you avoid the energy rush hour, meaning you’ll be using less gas-powered current and more from renewable sources.

Best Energy Providers for Electric Vehicles

When it comes to price and customer service, Octopus Energy is hard to beat.

However, EDF and Ovo are a close second with competitive prices and offer more flexibility for EV charging.

E.On Next are also worth noting with their super low off-peak rate and there’s even an app to help you keep on top of your spending. The only downside being they’re quite limited when it comes to compatible car and charger types.

It’s difficult to get quotes from providers like Scottish Power and British Gas unless you are already an energy customer. See the full list of EV tariffs below:

A Complete List of EV Tariffs

EDF: GoElectric 35

  • 4.5p/kWh off-peak
  • 35 hours off-peak / week
  • End date: April ’24

  • Day: 39.86p / Night: 4.5p

  • Fixed daily amount: 48.23p/day

  • Off-peak hours: 12am – 5am

Octopus: Go

  • 7.5p/kWh off-peak
  • 28 hours off-peak / week
  • Day: 30.76p / Night: 7.5p

  • Fixed daily amount: 24.86p/day

  • Off-peak hours: 12:30-04.30

Octopus: Agile

  • Dynamic prices
  • 21 hours peak / week
  • Typically -2p to 35p

  • Fixed daily amount: 21.00p/day

  • Price tracks energy wholesale cost, except peak 4-7pm (currently capped at 35p/kWh)

Octopus: Intelligent

  • 5p/kWh off-peak
  • Managed charging in 42 hours / week
  • Day: 24.45p / Night: 5p

  • Fixed daily amount: 24.86p/day

  • Limited compatibility on cars and chargers

  • Off-peak hours: 23:30-05.30

EDF: GoElectric 98

  • Extended off-peak
  • 98 hours off-peak / week
  • End date: April ’24

  • Day: 40.91p / Night: 18.85p

  • Fixed daily amount: 48.23p/day

  • Off-peak hours: 9pm-7am and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Ovo: Drive

  • End date: March ’23

  • Fixed daily amount: 46.6p/day. Unit: 36.4p/kWh Dual fuel only. Exit fees: £30/fuel

Ovo: Drive + Anytime

  • Flat rate for car charging

  • ‘Drive’ customers only

  • Anytime: 5p/kWh car and 36.4p/kWh home, fixed for 12 months.

  • Fixed daily amount: 46.6p/day. Dual fuel only. Exit fees: £30/fuel

Good Energy: Green Driver 5-hour

  • 100% green sources
  • Call supplier to check availability
  • Day: 24.13p / Night: 5p

  • Fixed daily amount: 40.62p/day

  • Fixed for up to 24 months

Scottish Power: SmartPower

  • 4.7p/kWh off-peak
  • 35 hours off-peak / week
  • Day: 17.33p / Night: 4.736p

  • Fixed daily amount: 46.06p/day

  • Off-peak hours: 12am – 5am

Good Energy: Green Driver 7-hour

  • 100% green sources
  • Call supplier to check availability
  • Day: 23.45p / Night: 7p

  • Fixed daily amount: 40.62p/day

  • Fixed for up to 24 months

If you’d like to know more about electric vehicles, see our range of comprehensive EV articles.