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Most Power Hungry Appliances On Standby

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Nov 16, 2022
3 minutes read

When you switch off appliances, they usually enter standby mode, and this accounts for 9-16% of a household’s total electricity use. According to Energy Saving Trust, the average household has 41 electrical appliances. You can save hundreds of pounds on your household bills if you turn these appliances off at the wall, but which are the worst offenders?

Appliances in standby mode still use electricity and even though it can be small amounts, it all adds up over the course of a year. While it’s handy to have appliances ready for you, taking the time to switch them off at the wall if they’re not being used is a good way to save money. You can save over £100 a year by fully turning everything off.


The TV uses 1.3 watts on average when in standby, costing up to £24.61 a year. Switching it off at the wall is therefore worth the effort, even if it means you have to get back on your feet again to switch it on.

Fridge Freezer

While you can’t turn your fridge freezer off, there are ways of making sure you’re not wasting money on its use. Fridge freezers use between 100 and 250 watts, costing almost £300 a year. If you regularly clean the outside and inside, you can remove any build-up that may affect its performance. Dust in the coils can inhibit efficiency, for example.

Over 12% of the entire household’s energy is used to power the fridge freezer, so it’s important to make sure that this is as efficient as possible. By keeping the temperature of your fridge between 3 and 5°C and your freezer at -18°C, you can ensure you’re not wasting any energy. Any additional degree difference in freezer temperature can drive up energy consumption by 5-10%.

Games Console

Often overlooked, these are one of the most power hungry appliances in standby mode, consuming 2W per hour on average. Some sources suggest this costs about £1.63 a day, while others estimate that it will cost £12.17 a year. While some games consoles are worse than others, it’s a clear indication that these appliances should be turned off at the wall for serious money savings.


Kettles only use 0.3kWh when not in use, but switching these appliances off at the wall will save you around £9 a year. What’s more, you can make sure they’re running efficiently to reduce unnecessary power use. Descaling your kettle and only boiling the amount of water you need when you use it will save on electricity.

Phone Charger

These are too easy to forget about as they tend to be ready whenever we need them. Sometimes they’re plugged in behind awkward places and remain switched on. At any rate, mobile phone chargers left on standby can add almost £20 to your annual electricity bill.


It’s easier to remember to switch multiple appliances off if they’re connected to an extension lead. With one switch, you can cut the power to the TV, set top box, games console, any chargers and broadband (if needs be), which will save you money in the long run.

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