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Unusual But Essential Products to Use This Heatwave

British beach in summer
Author: Jack Lloyd
Updated: Jun 16, 2022
2 minutes read

Experts say the heat in England is set to rise to a sweltering 34°C, but did you know that this is good news for both heat pumps and solar panels? Despite being two words synonymous with high temperatures, you might be able to find yourself a lot cooler with a heat pump in the sweltering summer months.

Britons were already feeling the heat on Wednesday, which was the hottest day of the year, as temperatures reached 28°C in areas of London and the South East. With more warm weather on the way, it's time to look at ways in which you might be able to benefit from the heat. It may not sound so unusual, but solar panels can be effective in more than a couple of ways.

The heat is a welcome change for most residents, but it's even better for homeowners with solar panels. Any extra energy that they generate can help cut the cost of their energy bills. Additional energy on top of this can then be sold back to the grid as part of the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which launched on 1st January 2020. Alternatively, all energy can be sold back to an energy supplier to help with the start of a greener energy grid.

As most UK homeowners will likely be out enjoying the sun, it means they’ll be less likely using the energy in their homes. This is where a solar battery comes in handy, as it stores all the unused energy for you to use at a later time when you need it most. The evenings typically feature heavy electricity use, so making use of free energy that's been stored during the day reduces your dependence on the national grid.

However, not everyone embraces the extra heat and air conditioning units will be an essential item to many across the UK. Fortunately, those lucky homeowners with an air source heat pump can really reap the benefits. The multi-faceted machine is three times more efficient than a boiler and will not only heat your home can work in reverse to provide cooling instead. Rather than suffering with hot and stuffy indoor air, make the most of your air source heat pump and become the envy of your neighbours in all seasons.

Both products are not only household essentials for the summer but an annual all-rounder that could see you saving a significant amount on your energy bills. Plus, both have had the VAT scrapped from 5% to 0% for the next five years.

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