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Boost Property Value by 15% With Green Technology

A home with solar thermal technology on its roof
Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Mar 06, 2024
4 minutes read

Making your home more attractive to potential buyers can be easier than you might think. It’s all a case of promoting the green credentials on offer. If you don’t currently have any energy saving products, then paying for them can considerably boost how much your property is worth.

Homebuyers After Green Technology

According to a study from Ovo Energy, a huge ⅔ of homebuyers are looking for environmental upgrades to a home. These could be solar panels, energy efficient windows and suitable insulation. It’s a sure way to reduce heating bills and make sure less is spent on property upkeep.

In our latest Home Energy Survey, over 72% of homebuyers would find a home more attractive if it had low carbon technology. Of this percentage, 63% are eager to have solar panels already fitted. Not only does this lower electricity bills, but it can make you money at the same time through exports.

Boosting Property Value

Rightmove has expressed that increasing a home’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) from F to C could boost your home’s value by as much as 15%. Their Greener Homes Report offers useful insights into the housing market, such as attitudes towards more sustainable homes.

Their data shows that 60% of homes on Rightmove have an EPC rating of D or below, with half of homes available for rent in the same category. This means that most properties have room for energy improvements that can increase their value.

On a home valued at £285,000, a 15% increase could add £42,750. Solar panels cost around £6,000, but can easily add more than £11,000 to the value of a home, according to Barrows and Forrester Estate Agents.

Other improvements that can be made include double or triple glazing and a home EV charger. Even though a charger is around £1,000, a value of 1.7% can be made, which is almost £5,000 to the average home. What’s better is that there are EV charger grants available too.

Low EPC Ratings

The higher your EPC rating, the less expensive it is to heat your home. It’s generally accepted that the average rating for homes in England and Wales is band D. A certificate is valid for 10 years and includes various improvements for your home that will improve its rating, as well as the maximum potential your home could reach in its current state.

Last year saw a 1% increase in the number of homes with an EPC rating of C or above. At this scale, Rightmove estimates it will take 43 years for all homes currently for sale to reach this milestone. For homes available to rent, this goes down to 31 years.

The bottom line is, there’s a huge number of homes with poor EPC ratings. This means that there’s more value to be gained from installing energy efficient upgrades to a home, whether you choose to live in it or sell it on.

If you don’t have the money to currently upgrade, the first place to start is by installing a smart meter. Although not money saving itself, some models come with a useful display that tells you where your energy is going. You can then make a conscious effort to reduce how much you use, which will save you money.

Upgrade Your Home

There’s many ways in which you can upgrade the value of your home. From energy efficient windows to a brand new heat pump, there’s options for everyone.

Solar Panels

The biggest money maker is solar technology. Supplement your electricity import by making use of renewable power. Any excess can then be sold back to the grid for a tidy profit.

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Heat Pumps

A low carbon solution to the UK’s home heating, heat pumps produce more energy than they take to operate. This has the power to lower your bills, saving on heating costs.

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A massive 25% of your home’s heat can be lost through an uninsulated roof. Just by adding the recommended thickness of loft insulation, you can save hundreds a year on your heating bills.

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