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Home Energy Survey 2022

Author: Samuel Beckingham
Updated: Dec 19, 2022
3 minutes read

As 2022 is coming to a close, it’s time to look at what kind of year we’ve all had. Lead Insight, under one of its brands, Eco Quote Today, has conducted its first ever survey to capture the attitudes and opinions of the public in regards to energy use, sustainability and the government. This was to see how the events of the year have shaped the perspectives of the UK population.

We received over 3,300 responses and also entered those people into a prize draw for a chance to win a share of £350 in Sainsbury’s vouchers, ready in time for Christmas. If you missed the prize draw, the Prize Draw Results for the Home Energy Survey 2022 can be seen on YouTube. Our lucky winners were sent their gift cards last week.

We are pleased to release the full results of the Home Energy Survey!

Read the survey online.

Key Findings

We asked homeowners plenty of questions to do with the energy crisis, whether the government was doing enough and which renewable systems were most popular. In descending order, the biggest findings were:

  • 97% are worried about the energy crisis

  • While 93% are worried about climate change, only 18% think the government is combating it well

  • Over 83% approve further windfall taxes

  • 81% of UK homeowners would prefer to move into a home with an existing low carbon technology, with solar panels preferred by 59%

  • The cost of living crisis has forced 72% to cut back on gas and electricity use

  • The government needs to change its actions to the most to limit climate change, according to 64%

  • Energy security can be achieved through green energy generation, according to 62.5%

  • Using low carbon technology to reduce your energy bills hasn’t been considered by almost a fifth of people

  • 8% trust the government and only 2% trust sales people

About the Survey

While it’s easy to get carried away and provide you with all the statistics, you can see the results for yourself by downloading the survey. The full survey contains many questions surrounding these subjects, as well as others, and it makes for interesting reading. You can see, for example, which groups are the most trusted and which low carbon technologies people would rather have.

The survey doesn’t show the government in a favourable light, which is due to a whole host of reasons. Perhaps 3 prime ministers this year alone has a strong bearing on people’s feelings towards their policies, or perhaps 12 years of Conservative rule is starting to grate on some UK households. At any rate, an 8% trust rating is almost the lowest in our survey.

The survey looks at household attitudes, low carbon technology, new homes, and the cost of living and energy crises. Covering everything from which low carbon technology people would buy to whether we need more public ownership of our energy companies, the Home Energy Survey provided useful insight into consumer values.

Due to the huge uptake, we’ll be looking to conduct another survey next year to see how things may have changed. As always, keep a lookout on our social media and websites for your chance to have your say over the data. Remember: your opinion is valuable to us.

Thank you for being part of the survey. You can read the Home Energy Survey online or you can download a copy using the button below.