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Formula E Is the Future of Sustainable Motor Racing

Formula e
Author: Jack Lloyd
Updated: Aug 04, 2022
2 minutes read

Sustainable motor racing is becoming increasingly likely, thanks to Formula E, and is changing people's perceptions of the sport. Due to the no-emissions nature of the cars involved, E-Prix isn’t just racing outside the ExCel but even the tracks inside it. As has always been the case, the superior technology used in Grand Prix vehicles eventually finds its way into everyday cars on the road. It's hoped that the advances in electronic battery storage, regeneration and utilisation in these cars will help advance the future of EVs the general public drive.

Over 20,000 filled out the arena to witness the latest electric vehicle technology being displayed in a world-class sporting environment.

However, EV technology is evolving at breakneck speed, Gen3 technology (due next series) will bring greater speeds and power but with less detriment to the environment. As of next year, over 40% of the car’s energy will be regenerated by itself during the race, which is a phenomenal display of power and engineering.

Areas in Europe are also introducing wireless electric vehicle charging stations, which enable electric vehicles to charge just by moving over them. This will inevitably become the future of EV transportation and its ability to charge while out on the road.

Formula E sustainability director Julia Palle spoke to the The Independent:

“Sustainability is at the heart of what we’re doing - EV development and advancement on our streets, but now widened also to showcasing sustainable lifestyles and innovations.”

Palle has spoken previously at COP26 on how sports leaders need to be more proactive about drastically cutting emissions and pushing to achieve net zero carbon status.

Recently, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, began the London Underground’s plan to become 100% renewable. This comes as part of the Mayor’s plans for a net zero carbon target by 2030, which will be a landmark achievement.

Formula E, along with EV technology, is constantly proving what is possible and having a positive effect on the public. According to the BBC, sales of used cars in the UK spiked by 5.1% between January and March thanks to a larger number of electric cars on the market. In fact, the market for electric cars has more than doubled in size.

Formula E is quickly becoming the future of world class entertainment while simultaneously positively impacting the environment.

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